Tera 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner USB Wired 2D QR Bar Code Reader with Stand model: HW0005-Z

SKU: Tera-HW0005-Z

$ 39.89 USD
  • CMOS IMAGING SCANNING TECHNOLOGY: 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner with advanced digital image acquisition function which can easily capture 2D QR Data Matrix bar codes and identify screen code, fuzzy code, color code and irregular 2D barcode.
  • TWO CONNECTION MODE: 2.4GHz wireless connection radio frequency wireless technology and USB 2.0 wired connection; wireless mode with mini USB Receiver has strong signal and long transmission distance.(The transmission distance in obstacles environment is about 100m / 328ft; the tansmission in barrier free environment can reach up to 400m / 0.25mi.)
  • ANTI-SHOCK SILICONE: the orange silicone protective cover can avoid the scratches and friction while falling from the height of 6.56 feet; the technical of IP54 sturdy which protect the wireless 2D QR barcode scanner from dust and moisture.
  • SCANNING MODE: key trigger, auto-sensing scanning. Key Trigger mode: scanning light is only on when press the trigger; Auto-Sensing mode: scanning light is off until a barcode presented in front of the scanner, once the barcode is detected, the scanning light will turn on automatically to read the barcode.
  • FAST ACCURATE READING SPEED: 32Bit CPU super decoding ability that the speed can up to 500/sec, instant upload mode/storage mode which the internal offline storage supports up to 150,000 barcodes in storage mode.

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