Tera is a well-established brand designed in Germany that specializes in barcode scanners with research centers in Berlin and Munich. Our barcode scanners incorporate advanced proprietary features such as Nano Waterproofing, and no-nonsense shockproofing. The user is able to seamlessly select from among all European and Japanese languages. We were the first manufacturer to employ the 1-megapixel high resolution scanning camera, as well as Tera Magic Diamond—a high-speed and highly-efficient barcode recognition technology.

For six years running, Tera has been chosen as the official provider of barcode scanners by several German states, making it Germany’s choice of German Quality.

We are a genuine manufacturer-to-consumer flagship store, which means that our products go directly from the factory to you without incurring unnecessary costs that would otherwise go to the middleman. With such an unfair advantage, we are able to supply to you quality products at the world’s lowest cost!