Tera 16-inch Cash Register Drawer Auto Open


$ 59.99 USD

Only 50 pieces in stock!

【Durable & Reliable Cash Drawer】 Tera cash register drawer measures at 16"x16"x4", voltage is at 24 VDC. Our money drawer is durable for commercial use with a heavy duty metal frame and non-slip rubber stand at the bottom of the cash register drawer.

【Removable Coin Tray】US cash register drawer come with 5 bill tray and 8 coin tray. EU and UK cash drawer come with 4 bill tray and 8 coin tray.

【Secured with 3 Position Lock】 Our cash box with money tray and lock has a 3-position key lock: 1-Auto open by printer/driver, 2-Manual open by key, 3-Lock. 5 backup keys available.

【Connectivity & Compatibility】 Connect cash drawer to a receipt / thermal printer via RJ12 cable

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