Tera 433 Wireless Long-distance 2D QR Barcode Scanner with Charging Cradle High Density 1 Mega Pixel Camera model: HW0007-433

SKU: Tera-HW0007-433

$ 64.89 USD


  • Superior 1 Mega Pixel Scanning Camera CMOS Image Scanning: Read ordinary and high-density barcode with ease. The adoption of the high-resolution industrial camera on this large field-of-view barcode reader makes reading fuzzy damaged or long barcode a breeze, in the meantime, it enables decoding to multiply barcode types in printed labels paper or barcode from a mobile phone or computer display screen fast and accurately.
  • Support Multiple to One Automatic Pair: this handheld wired 1D 2D QR barcode scanner allows for up to 6 scanners pair and transmit barcode to one base or up to 6 base pairs and transmit to one scanner. It’s perfect for those people who need to use many scanners simultaneously and integrate barcode data of many scanners.
  • Versatile Functions: Support adding/hiding prefix/suffix, buzzer on/off, high/medium/low volume option, vibration alert on/off, illumination on/off, duplicate barcode scan setting, multi-language supported, storage mode for scan barcodes and upload them later on when a computer is available to upload the stored barcode.
  • 3 Scan Mode: traditional manual trigger mode, intelligent sensor mode—scan when changes in ambient brightness were detected, continuous scan mode—scan continuously. Both sensor mode and continuous scan mode allows for hands-free operation without pulling the trigger button when the scanner sits in the charging cradle. Simply rest the scanner on the included base, the scanner works when charging simultaneously.
  • USB Cable Plug and Play: Compatible with most computer operating systems, Linux, Windows 7/10, IOS, no drivers or software installation needed. Ideal for supermarket warehouse library use where a desktop or laptop computer cash register or POS. Note: If you want to use the scanner with your MacBook or iPad or iPhone, make sure you have a USB adaptor.

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