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Barcode scanning solution provider - Tera

We provide trustworthy solutions for barcode scanning, cash register drawers, etc.


  • Huge Customer Base

    Over 1 million pieces digital barcode scanners sold to customers from 50+ countries, we are fully capable of providing products for a wide range of usage scenarios, ranging from digital barcode scanners 1D-2D to microchip scanners.

  • Lifetime Customer Service

    Tera provides lifetime technical support. Don't worry about after-sales issues ever. Whether it's a damaged product, a lost accessory, or hardware update, Tera takes care of it.

  • Flexible Corporation

    Tera provides flexible options, whether purchasing off-the-shelf Tera labeled products, OEM, ODM, or becoming one of Tera distributors or ambassadors, etc. Contact us anytime.

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