About Us

Our Mission

Tera's mission is to provide customers with high quality and affordable barcode scanners. We strive to fulfill what TERA stands for.

Our Story

Tera started by developing, designing, manufacturing and selling barcode scanners. We are committed to providing easy-to-use and feature-rich barcode scanners to customers.

Tera products have been well received since our launch. We have a wide customer base, not only businesses and individual users, but also globally renowned companies and organizations, which really inspires us.

As Tera continues to grow and progress, we have slowly come to a deeper and better understanding of what customers really need. We are constantly trying other niches so that we can provide satisfactory solutions to customers.

Looking Forward

R&D, quality and customer service is and will always be a priority for Tera over everything else. Whatever we do, we strive to do it well and never lose sight of our original mission. We very much appreciate all our customers and their support.

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524 W Garvey Ave

Monterey Park, CA, 91754

Email: contact@tera-digital.com