Q: Why my barcode scanner can’t read the barcodes?

A: 1. Print resolution of the barcodes is not good enough for the scanner to recognize the barcodes.

2. The barcode is blurred that the bar and space are hard to recognize.

3.Barcodes are covered with transparent materials or displayed on screen, in which cases the barcodes are reflective and hard to read.

4. The barcode is of great density whichscanners with low resolution scan enginecan’t handle.

5.Scanner hardware

6. By default, scanners are not factory programmed to read all barcodes. Perhaps the scanner is not programmed to read barcodes of the type.

7. In a setting full of lights or strong light, such as direct sunlight, the scanner may fail to read barcodes due to light sensor

8.Scan angle is not in the proper rangewhen scanning. Within 30 degrees of scan angle, the scanner performs better in decoding.

9.The barcode type is beyond what the scanner can handle. For example, 1D scanners can’t read 2D barcodes.

10. The driver for USB connection is not correct. Unplug and re-plug the cable, wait for the computer to install driver automatically.

11.How the barcode was made also affects scanner performance. Barcodes printed by printer designed for barcode use are easier for barcode scanners to read.

12.Read distance is not in the DOF of scanners.(DOF may vary depending on symbologies. The DOF of CCD scanners is within 5 to 50 centimeters while that of Laser scanners is within 3 to 40 centimeters.)

13.The barcode is oversized or too wide for the scanner to read.

14.The message length is limited. For example, a barcode including only 1 digit character, mostly can’t be read due to minimum message length limit. If you need to read barcodes that include characters less than 3 characters,contact customer service for help.

15. When using a corded barcode scanner, make sure that the USB portis not broken, the cable is plugged into the USB port firmly and the USB port is able to power the scanner.

16.Some 2D barcode scanners are built with low resolution scan engine, which cannot recognize barcodes ofhigher density.

Q: Why is the reading not as expected?
A: Make sure that the scanner keyboard language is aligned with the keyboard language on the host device.

Regarding Code 32 and Code 39

Code 32 is a variation of Code 39. Code 32 will be output as Code 39 when Code 32 is not enabled.

Q: Must the contents of a barcode be the same as what is shown below the barcode?

A: Not necessarily. For example, the numbers below the USPS barcode is not the whole contents of the barcodes.

Q: Why are barcodes not transmitted after a scan even if I have paired the receiver with the scanner?
A: 1. Check if pairing has succeeded.

  1. Check if the scanner is in real time mode.
    Q: How can I show up the onscreen keyboard when the scanner is connected to Android device.
    A:Constrained by Android, the scanner is unable to display or dismiss onscreen keyboard. (Valid on IOS)

    Q: How do I know the type of a barcode?
    A: Enable Code ID feature


Q: Why can’t I read Data Matrix with my scanner?

A: Please note that if the Data Matrix is an inverse barcode, which is printed using white bars on a black background. In this case, you need to enable Inverse Barcodes Reading feature.

Q: Why does Bluetooth pairing fail?
A: Make sure that scanner is in the right paring mode.  

Q: Scanner is charged but can’t read any barcode. How to fix the problem? 
A: The scanner won’t work when the battery is low. In this situation, it is advised to wait for the scanner to drain the batter, and then have it fully charged to use. If the scanner still can’t work when fully charged, it is advised to contact Tera Customer Service with a video indicating the status of the scanner. We will offer solutions once we figure out what causes the problem. 


Q: What is the right scanner when I only need to read 1D barcodes?

A: 1D barcode scanner is recommended. Though 2D barcode scanners are capable of reading 1D barcodes, 1D barcode scanners do a better job in dealing with 1D barcodes and is more cost-effective. If you work in a setting where barcodes are wider and printed on paper, a laser barcode scanner is the right choice. If onscreen barcodes are your daily routine, CCD scanners are the deal.