Tera 1D USB Wired Barcode Scanner 1500 Pixel CCD for Screen Smartphone Barcode model: 1500C

SKU: Tera-1500C

$ 12.99 USD $ 24.89 USD
Tera 1500C CCD Barcode Scanner Can Read 1D Barcodes both on Paper and Screen.

What are CCD Barcode Scanners (Linear Imagers) ?

CCD (Charged Coupling Device) barcode scanners use an imaging engine to take a picture of the barcode and then decode the characters. CCD barcode scanners are "linear imagers" meaning that you will still see a red focus line when triggering the scan.

Advantages of CCD Scanners :

  • Durable: CCD scanners have no internal moving parts so they are typically a bit more durable than a laser scanner.
  • More Economical: CCD scanners, on average, are usually less costly than other barcode scanners.
  • Scan In Direct Sunlight & On Device Screens: Essentially, a CCD scanner is "taking a picture" of the barcode. Due to this scanning process, CCD scanners are able to operate in bright sunlight. Most CCD scanners are also able to read scans off a computer or other devices screens.
  • Eye Safe: Laser could be a little bit harmful for eyes, if it directly pointed to eyes.

 DOES NOT work with Square POS.

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