How to scan barcodes with a barcode reader?

What are the proper steps for scanning barcodes with a barcode scanner? Follow the step-by-step guidance here.

Step 1:

Make sure that the scanner, data cable, and terminal device (data receiving host and power supply) are properly connected before starting up.

Step 2:

Hold down the trigger on the handle until the light is activated and the lighting area and aimer (focus line or point) appear.

Step 3:

Maintain an angle between the scanner and the bar code other than 90 degrees.

Step 4:

Adjust the scanning device back and forth to find the optimal reading distance, at which the barcode will be successfully picked up.

Step 5:

When the scanner beeps and the light is off, the code is read successfully. The scanner will send the decoded data back to the host.

Repeat the processes from 1 to 5 to scan your next barcode.


Note: Different types of scanners are featured with different functionalities, therefore choosing the right barcode scanner according to the barcode you want to scan is a prerequisite for you to be able to scan barcodes successfully.

CCD scanners can read 1D bar codes on cellphone/computer screens, but cannot read 2D bar codes. The light is relatively wider, and the distance for a valid read can reach between 5-50cm. This type of scanner does not read well when the product is moving, but it is good at reading colorful bar codes and less than perfect bar codes.

Laser scanners can read 1D bar codes, but cannot read 2D bar codes. The laser scanner cannot read both 1D and 2D barcodes from digital screens. The distance for valid reading can reach between 3-40cm. Laser scanners can also read moving products efficiently. However, it does not read colorful bar codes and fuzzy bar codes well.

2D code scanners are capable of reading both 2D and 1D bar codes, however 2D scanners do not perform as well as 1D scanners when scanning long ,dense linear barcodes.

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Dear Customer,

You don’t need to change any settings to scan QR codes with the D5100. However, if you have already made some changes to your scanner, please scan the “QR ON” code in the Symbologies section to ensure that you have not accidentally turned off the QR code recognition function.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service at Thank you for your comment.

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Question: what are settings to read QR codes on Tera d5100

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