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0013 2D Back Clip Barcode Scanner for Smartphone

0013 2D Back Clip Barcode Scanner for Smartphone

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【Tailored for Your Mobile Needs】: The Tera 0013 barcode scanner boasts a unique retractable back clip designed exclusively for mobile phones. It's the perfect companion for on-the-go scanning.
Ambidextrous Convenience】: Our scanner features an intuitive 3-button layout that accommodates both left and right-handed users with ease.
Extended Battery Life】: With its impressive 1500mAh battery, enjoy up to 60 days of standby time after a full charge. Say goodbye to frequent recharging.
Seamless Connectivity】: Tera 0013 offers versatile 3-in-1 compatibility, allowing you to connect via Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, or USB wired connections.
Advanced Scanning Capabilities】: Scan with confidence, as this device supports both digital and printed 1D and 2D QR barcodes. Experience advanced scanning technology at your fingertips.

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Making Scanning Effortless and Precise with Tera: Your Go-To for Handheld Barcode and QR Code Scanners
Based in LA, California, Tera brings over 20 years of industry-leading expertise in handheld barcode scanners, QR code readers, and inventory scanning systems. As a top 5 player, we offer high-quality, customizable products with advanced features, including Bluetooth barcode scanners and Android-compatible devices, backed by comprehensive OEM, ODM, and SDK services.
  • Instant Photo Gratification: Experience the 0013 2D Back Clip Barcode Scanner for Smartphone, a unique device that transforms your captured moments into physical photos instantly. This feature delivers a delightful sense of nostalgia and immediate satisfaction, turning your memories into tangible keepsakes within minutes.
  • Intelligent Dual-Lens Autofocus System: Our scanner boasts an intelligent autofocus system, seamlessly transitioning between two lenses—one for striking portrait shots and another for breathtaking landscapes. This innovation ensures every image is impeccably focused and crystal clear, elevating your photo quality to new heights.
  • Extended Battery Life: With a built-in rechargeable battery, the 0013 2D Back Clip Barcode Scanner for Smartphone offers an impressive battery life that can last through up to 15 packs of film. Say goodbye to power concerns and enjoy extended photo sessions without interruptions.
  • Self-Timer and Powerful Flash: Capture perfect group shots and selfies effortlessly with the scanner's self-timer function. Additionally, the built-in flash guarantees well-lit photos even in challenging low-light conditions, ensuring every image shines.
  • Creative Double Exposure: Unleash your artistic side with the 0013 2D Back Clip Barcode Scanner for Smartphone's double exposure feature. This innovative capability lets you blend two images into a single frame, resulting in captivating and artistic photo compositions.
  • Versatile Film Compatibility: Whether you prefer i-Type or 600 film, our scanner is compatible with both, offering you a wide range of creative options to suit your preferences and artistic endeavors.
  • Compact and Portable Design: Despite its rich feature set, the 0013 2D Back Clip Barcode Scanner for Smartphone maintains a compact form factor, measuring just 3.7 x 4.4 x 5.9 inches and weighing a mere 1.08 lbs. Its portability ensures you can effortlessly capture cherished memories wherever your adventures take you.
  • Sleek Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate your photography gear with the scanner's sleek black design, adding a touch of style to your creative pursuits. The 0013 2D Back Clip Barcode Scanner for Smartphone isn't just a scanner; it's a fashionable accessory that complements your photography journey.

Enhance Your Efficiency with Tera 0013 Wireless Barcode Scanner's 3-in-1 Connectivity

Tera 0013 wireless barcode scanner offers versatile 3-in-1 connectivity, seamlessly integrating Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and USB wired options. With a remarkable transmission range of up to 100 meters in a barrier-free environment and 35 meters even in obstacle-rich settings using the 2.4G USB dongle, this scanner can effortlessly connect to a wide range of devices, including smartphones, computers, POS systems, iPhones, and iPads. It also boasts compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows 11/10/8/7/XP, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux. Experience enhanced flexibility and efficiency in barcode scanning with Tera 0013.

Maximize Efficiency with Tera 0013 Scanner's Extended 4-Hour Scanning Performance
Uninterrupted Scanning Performance: The Tera 0013 scanner boasts an ultra-large 1500mAh rechargeable battery, providing a remarkable and uninterrupted scanning performance that spans up to 4 hours. Whether you're efficiently managing inventory, conducting seamless sales transactions, or streamlining your workflow, this scanner ensures effortless barcode capture without the concern of battery life.

Extended Usage Time, Enhanced Productivity: Thanks to its high-capacity battery, you can enjoy extended usage time, eliminating the need for frequent recharges. Bid farewell to interruptions and unlock maximum productivity throughout your day. The Tera 0013 scanner incorporates an advanced power management system, optimizing energy consumption and allowing you to stay fully focused on your tasks without the hassle of constant battery monitoring.

Seamless Mobile Scanning: Tera 0013 Scanner's Clever Design and Universal Compatibility

Optimized for Mobile Convenience: The Tera 0013 scanner boasts a smart retractable back clip design meticulously tailored for mobile phones. This thoughtful design guarantees unhindered access to your phone's camera while in use. Furthermore, the scanner features a protective flannel layer, providing an additional defense against unsightly scratches. With this innovative design, barcode scanning with your mobile device becomes effortlessly seamless and user-friendly.

Universal Compatibility: This versatile scanner effortlessly accommodates smartphones spanning from 5.31 to 6.69 inches in size. For maximum compatibility, it can be extended up to an impressive 7 inches or 18cm. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and enjoy a superior scanning experience with your mobile device.


Storage Mode: Enjoy the flexibility of scanning barcodes without the need for an immediate device connection. The Tera 0013 scanner securely stores all scanned barcodes within its memory. When you're ready to access the scanned data, a simple scan of a barcode in the user manual efficiently outputs the stored data for your convenience.
Instant Upload Mode: This mode offers immediate barcode output as soon as you scan them. It's the perfect solution for scenarios where real-time data transmission is essential.
Tera 0013 barcode scanner boasts a meticulously designed 3-button layout, offering unparalleled convenience for users, regardless of their dominant hand. Whether you're right-handed or left-handed, operating the scanner is effortless and intuitive, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Tera 0013 scanner is your all-in-one solution for scanning a wide range of barcodes, including 1D, 2D, and QR codes. Whether you're working with printed barcodes on paper documents or encountering digital codes on screens like smartphones, tablets, or computer monitors, this versatile scanner excels in accurate and reliable barcode capture.

Advanced Scanning Technology: With its advanced scanning technology, the Tera 0013 scanner ensures optimal performance. It effortlessly decodes and processes barcodes from various sources, offering the flexibility and convenience you need for your scanning tasks.

Experience hassle-free barcode scanning, regardless of the format or medium, with the Tera 0013 scanner.

Package Includes: Barcode scanner x1, USB cable x1, User manual x1

user manual

Name Date Size
English User Manual 5 Jul 2021 PDF 7.08MB


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