What is Gs replacement?

What is GS replacement?

In some cases, a customer would like to replace or remove the Group Separator <GS> embedded in their barcodes.
A <GS> is a non-printable character to separate parts of a barcode that do not have a fixed length.

How to do GS replacement with a Tera barcode scanner?

You can find more information about barcode scanners here.

Step 1: Check the user manual to find the “gs replacement” setting code and scan it. You can find the PDF version user manual for the Tera barcode reader here: https://tera-digital.com/pages/user-manual

Step 2: Browse “Appendix-ASCII Character Form” from the manual to find the setting bar code of the character to be replaced.

That’s it, you are ready to go. The setting process works for most Tera wireless barcode scanners.

For example:
Step 1: scan “gs replacement on”

Step 2: search “Appendix-ASCII Character Form” to find the bar code of the character “I” to be replaced.

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